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Display your paintings

We have been exhibiting at Heene Cafe for a long while now and we now need more of your lovely paintings to adorn the wall. What do you need to do for this?

Get your painting framed - simple looks great either black or white

Small paintings are most suitable

Make sure you have a small fixing on the back so it can be securely hung on the wall

Make a little label:

Your Name:

Title of the Painting

Skyblue Art Classes

either £ and your amount or

NFS (not for sale)

If you want to sell your painting please put your mobile number on the back with your name (perhaps on a sticky bit of paper) so that Kevin can call you from the cafe - he has sold quite a few of ours so far!

How much do you price your work? Why not take a look in the cafe at others and then decide...

Either way its a great way to get your paintings seen by a lot of people and even make a sale plus we get to show off our Skyblue Art Class skills. Don't forget to make a note of what you put on the wall for your records and feel free to swap for another after a few months. Please notify Jane you are adding/taking away, good luck!

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