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August Top 10 Projects to do at home!

I asked in class today to see if the idea of an August homework project would be of interest and there was a resounding yes! As I am taking August and the last week of July off I was hoping that people would keep on being creative during August whilst there are no classes going on.

This is, of course, not mandatory! However, if you get some time or are missing class then read on, this is for you. You are welcome to create your own projects too but if you get stuck here are my top 10 suggestions to get the creativity flowing:

  1. Do a still life drawing using pencil and or pen from a small bunch of flowers in a vase in front of a coloured cloth (not patterned) place the arrangement in an area that receives window light or try outside somewhere with some shade. Work in greys and whites using the pencil to shade

  2. Do a wash of a light and dark blue in watercolour on paper, allow to dry, draw a simple still life using pencil on top of the dry wash. Use white and blues (both light and dark) in watercolours or acrylic to do a still life on top of your drawing thinking about the use of the background

  3. Cut up old paintings and arrange the pieces on a new piece of paper to make a collage. Make sure objects touch. Stick with glue or a bit of tape on the back. Do a new painting from the collage

  4. Research one of the following artists from Rawpixel

Van Gogh

George Seurat

Paul Cezanne

Henri Edmond Cross

Go to the Rawpixel site, type in their name and see what inspires you.

6. Take photos whilst out on a walk in the landscape, choose one and do a drawing or painting. Or just take photos for winter paintings.

7. Make a colour chart of all your paints, put the paint names next to them

8. Draw or paint something you have never tried before

9. Re-paint a previous painting that you were unhappy with

10. Re-paint a previous painting using different colours that you were happy with

Bring along your project to class in September!

Happy painting


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