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Christmas 14 Dec - bring a dish for last class of the year!

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Check here to see what people are bringing along and join us!

Last year we had a lovely get together at Heene for our Christmas bash. So I thought it would be great to do it again!

The list as of 7 December:

  1. Jane - hot non alcholic punch, music, glasses and plates, napkins

  2. Beverley - mince pies

  3. Judy - salad

  4. Clare C - bringing a couple of quiches and non alcoholic wine

  5. Lynda Darby - veggie savouries and non alcoholic drinks

  6. Jenny - Lights Red berries (decoration)Paper plates. Crisps, nibbles, dips. Savoury dish.

  7. Ley - chocolate cake

  8. Wendy

  9. Pat - cheesecake and coleslaw

  10. Margaret- sausage rolls

  11. Jean E -

  12. David - assorted

  13. Glenwyn - welsh cakes

  14. Elaine - cheese and pineapple, veggie cocktail sausages

Do send me a message if any of the info is not correct or you wish to be added to our Xmas get together, thanks you can do that here

If you missed last year we all brought along a small dish for lunch to contribute to a Xmas type picnic in our art class room. Its a lovely end to a very creative year and is really nice as a social get together so that you can connect with fellow class members.

We will celebrate this year by getting together after the morning class (all abilities) on 14 December and have our own buffet/lunch and art exhibition! This year I thought it would be nice to bring along one of your favourite paintings (small one) to put on the wall so you can all admire the big achievements of this year.

You do not have to have come to the morning class to be included, everyone who comes to a class is welcome.

Menu considerations! It would be nice if we could have some savoury and sweet dishes plus any drinks, soft drinks/alcoholic. I am looking into having some mulled wine available or non alcoholic too. We don't need to double up too much if possible.

If you have any dietary restrictions that would be good to know too.

May need the following: xmas table cloths, small decorations, sparkly lights? I will supply paper plates and cups/napkins

Time: 12.15 onwards in our usual room at Heene

Date: 14 December you are ALL INVITED!

If you are able to come, could you please let me know if you are able to bring along a dish/drink, I will make a list that will save any doubling up and will post it here. If you could also make a little label to go with the dish describing what it is that would be really helpful!

Thank you

I do hope you can make it, it will mark a wonderful year and be so nice to see you all! Click send me an email with your details.


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