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Embracing September: Back to Classes

I am curious! What did you get up to with your painting in August? My last post proved very popular My Top Ten Painting projects for August and I am wondering what you all managed to achieve. Do please bring your paintings in to class. We start back for our September and autumn term on Thursday, 7 September.

Our Thursday classes run through September until Christmas. Our Wednesday beginners short courses resume in October with Beginners Acrylics and Drawing in November. Sign up to the short courses and reserve your space by contacting me

Before our summer break, I collected input from you on preferred subjects for our classes. The range of topics included:

  • Portraits and faces (drawing and painting)

  • Abstract concepts and still life

  • Urban scenes

  • Architectural elements

  • Landscape art (drawing and painting)

  • Color mixing techniques

  • Abstract interpretations of scenes

  • Still life art

  • Landscapes featuring seas and mountains

  • Background effects incorporation

  • Line and wash technique

  • Watercolor skills and rescue methods

  • Pencil sketching

  • Seasonal themes like Christmas

  • Depicting glass and water

  • Utilizing colored pencils

Having your input is so helpful for gathering new ideas for classes. At Skyblue we work in class mainly from images. The source of these images are from sites such as and who offer inspiring Royalty free images from some very famous artists such as Van Gogh, Renoir and many others.

Having this facility to work from the great artists such as, Van Gogh or Winslow Homer, is educational in its own right. Traditionally artists would work from other older artists who lived in their area or they travelled to see paintings they had heard about.

This influence offers artists valuable educational insights, enabling them to study paint application techniques and delve into the underlying motivations of a painting. Essentially, it provides a means to comprehend the artist's creative process and approach.

Nevertheless, there's value in returning to the practice of working from life. In our classroom, this involves bringing a vase of flowers as subjects (scheduled for the second week of the morning class in September).

All of the details for the first class (7 September) will be in the weekly newsletter which will be coming out to you on Thursday 24 August.

Sign up to the weekly newsletter if you are new to classes here

Look forward to seeing you in September

best wishes Jane

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