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February Vibes

This lockdown has felt longer, more solitary and colder. As we have all been indoors in the depths of winter it has felt that every day is the same as the last with no possibility of new things. So if some of these words resonate with you then you know that you are not alone in thinking this and trying to be creative in such times has been a challenge some days and hard to think about doing.

What has kept me going has been the super paintings over the last lockdown and before and the lovely emails from you all saying how much you enjoyed a lesson. It has really inspired me and I hope that as a small community of like minded painters we can all keep going, just a bit longer until we can go out and socialise again.

I have a feeling that it will be around 16th April before I can hold classes in Worthing, no details have come through yet and its a little while away.

I hope you enjoy the above collage and feel inspired. After all it is all about a paintbrush and some paint.

The paintings were all picked randomly to give a flavour of what we have been painting. They are super!

See all of the paintings in the Online Lesson Gallery

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