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Join Our Facebook Group

Are you busy painting and drawing at home? Not sure about what to do next? Perhaps you need a a little more feedback than the cat is giving you? 😀

The Facebook Skyblue Art private group is for people starting out drawing and painting. Upload your latest painting or one you would like a bit of help with. Who is this for? Its a friendly space for those that have some art experience and of course for Skyblue Art Classes members and for people who just want to get together and share.

In this Skyblue Art Get Together Group you will find a supportive, non-judgemental atmosphere so that you can chat and discuss your artwork a little with others. Ask questions and leave positive feedback. These are the ethics of our Skyblue Art Classes.

Join this new private Skyblue Art Get Together group by clicking here on the blue button

Skyblue Facebook Page is here - the group has a button 'join group'

Jane ✨✨😀🌷

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