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A fantastic festive lunch

Well its not often that I get a chance to be Santa but once a year is ok :)

We had a really wonderful Skyblue Xmas Bash this year at Heene Community Centre. Kevin and his team went all out to decorate and do the most amazing lunch for all 28 of us. It was a very relaxed affair and we even took our own favourite tipple.

I was also given the most amazing bunch of flowers and the nicest card 'from you all' which was a complete surprise!

I am adding the photos taken by you and a few I took myself to the gallery here. It has been a wonderful 2016, we have celebrated 10 years of art classes, of which about 5 years have been at Heene Community Centre and at Angmering Community Centre.

If you missed out on the Xmas bash there has been murmurings about a summer picnic type of affair, so watch this space.

I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone for coming to the classes, your continued support and enthusiasm to learn about drawing and painting is inspiring. I hope to have lots more lesson plans, new techniques for all abilities. A creative mind is inevitably one that is a peaceful one.

Warmest wishes Jane x

See the lovely pics from the last class of the year here

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